Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Yes, Yes I am a Bond girl too!

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Photographic Proof

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The Novel by Bonnie Klemm

Photographic Proof

In the battle between good and evil, it’s always best to have photographic proof. Especially when you’re exposing the perverse world of the uber wealthy Global Satanic Elites and their inverse, the members of the 16 original families who quietly defected and secretly fight on the side of right, on behalf of humanity.

If Jeffrey Epstein was a poker player, he’d have the cards marked all the cards stacked in his favor, Dominique Drake’s fictionalized story parallels Epstein’s in many aspects…The games they played in bed and out and the wagers made are dull in comparison to the ones made behind closed doors, hidden in places yet to be discovered. I can only hint at the erotic and exotic (and occasionally disturbing and if not flat out, certainly on the edge of legal) nature of reality for the 1% of the 1% when they so desire. Whatever you want, you can afford.

All I can say is, adrenochrome is a thing, and David Icke isn’t a complete nutter, and I might disagree slightly on his definitions of “reptilian” although the characters certainly are cold blooded and slimy enough to give the lizard a bad name.

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