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What to do every day to supercharge your week….and have time to play

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“If you don’t know what you’re doing before Monday…you’re behind” Bonnie Klemm Founder + CEO, Good + Crafty LLC



Picture Success

Personally I like to hit the floor running on Monday morning by polishing my to do (including my want to do) list on Sunday. Yes, I understand every sports season makes that difficult, but 15 minutes to review and put your mind into play for Monday is Waaaay less time than you are spending tweaking your fantasy team (admit it – it’s true). Just get what you need to get done Monday set in your mind and get on with it.




One Big Thing

Work on your one big thing. I mean it And trust me when I say, you will have time to focus on it for most of the morning. When you have made significant progress on your One Big Thing – check your email. DO NOT CHECK YOUR EMAIL EARLIER – trust me, no one has had the chance to respond, and they are certainly not going to expect or even have the opportunity to read your email before they have finished their stint in the Monday Morning Meeting. For the rest of the day, you will be doing what everyone else is – putting out fire. That is what Monday’s are for. No real work just Urgent+Important things that you cannot ignore.




Personal Plan

Now that you are “back in the swing of things”, use Tuesday to take an honest stock of where you are in terms of your goals both personally and professionally. Review your work from last week, determine what you learned and can do better this week – and move on. Envision what you walk out of the door on Friday having accomplished – and get to it IMMEDIATELY.




Department Plan

You’ve already trained your staff to do Tuesday afternoon look back + look forwards and since they didn’t spend all day Monday in meetings, you can have effective one on one or team progress meetings (I really hate doing team meetings for most purposes, but if you must, do or at least be agile about it). By Wednesday you have an honest look at what has been


This is the time to be strategic

Spend Thursday (again preferably one-on-one) with managers, sticking strictly to the business of business (don’t worry about how their staff is going to do a task – that’s their justification for alka-seltzer, not yours). Make sure your company is moving in the same direction and preferably downstream (it’s just easier to row that way). Adjust your course as needed and don’t forget to keep your crew in the loop. How can they make your life easier if they don’t know what you want?



Wrap-up Day

Honestly, Friday should be somewhat task-light. Statistically, we are more likely to go out for lunch, come in late, and leave early. (I’m not actually sure if this is accurate, but a non-scientific poll of my family and friends confirms my bias – so there). Also, since senior management has a complete map of what happened this week and what is on the schedule for next week, barring a really bad alert from the weather channel or armageddon (or Black Friday through Christmas week if you are in retail), it is unlikely you will be called in or called upon during your weekend to make excuses, er explanations of why.


Bonus Tip for Powering through the week….with time to play

Ban the Monday morning (or any meetings for that matter)

Let everyone else sit bleary-eyed and bored in their Monday Morning Mandatory Meeting while you are busy enjoying the quiet that comes with knowing you have an entire block of time to focus on your One Big Thing because literally no one is available to interrupt you because they are in the aforementioned dreaded Monday Morning role call.

(and if you’re wondering why I didn’t plan anything for Saturday, it’s because I don’t plan Saturday’s…spontaneity is expanding…beware this is a next level technique)

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