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50 Minutes to motivation

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"Ain't no mountain high enough to get me to you" Success+Excellence

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Does growing-up mean you now have the willpower + stamina to sit still and work on a task until the metaphorical cows come home? No way. We were all programmed from a young age to do things in 50 minute segments (high school, therapy).

50 minutes to motivation


3 Reasons the 50 Minute Plan works:

  1. 50 minutes feels substantial. 45 minutes is less than an hour, but 50 minutes is nearly an hour. You can accomplish some major stuff in nearly an hour. Perception is everything in love and motivation.
  2. On the flip side. You can convince yourself to do almost anything for less than an hour. When your motivation is waning (or lacking) repeat after me “ I can do this! It’s not even an hour.” Repeat until you start that task you’ve been avoiding (you know the one you’ve moved from today’s to tomorrow’s do list for more than a week).
  3. You shouldn’t sit for an hour. That’s not me speaking – it’s every single doctor on the face of the planet yelling at us to STAND UP for G*D’s SAKE! Stretch your legs (and rest your eyes) during those 10 extra minutes. Look away from the screen and connect with a living being. Dogs, cats and baristas count so no excuses work from home peeps.

What else do you need to know? Just roll with it. Sh*t happens. There is nothing you can do except take three deep breaths and find a little “Ohm” inside all the chaos.

Good luck, have fun + namaste,
Ceci Copia

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